Manus Welspring

Out to save humanity from that which seeks to destroy it.


Name Manus Welspring
Rank Seasoned
Experience 30 (Raised Spirit, Raised Faith, Edge Healer, Edge Voodoo, Edge Elan, Edge Gerater Luck)


Agility 1d8
Smarts 1d4
Spirit 1d8
Strength 1d6
Vigor 1d6

Derived Stats
Charisma 0
Grit + 2
Pace 6"
Parry 6 (+ 1)
Toughness 5

Vengeful (Major) (Edge Luck)
Stubborn (Minor) (1 Skill Point Faith)
Wanted (Minor) (
1 Skill Point Faith) Wanted status cleared

Arcane Background (Miracles)

Skills 15+2
Boating (Agi)
Climbing (Str)
Driving (Agi)
Faith (Spi) 1d12
Fighting (Agi) 1d8
Gambling (Smr)
Guts (Spi) 1d6
Healing (Smr)
Intimidation (Spi)
Investigation (Smr)
Knowledge Occult (Smr) 1d4
Lockpick (Agi) 1d4
Notice (Smr)
Persuasion (Spi) 1d4
Pilot (Agi)
Repair (Smr)
Riding (Agi)
Shooting (Agi) 1d8
Stealth (Agi)
Streetwise (Smr)
Survival (Smr)
Swimming (Agi)
Taunt (Smr)
Throwing (Agi)
Tracking (Smr)

Healing Unguent x5
Restorative Elixir x3
exploSiVe rounds–Shotgun x6
Colt Peacemaker (.45) 12/24/48 2d6+1 RoF 1 WT. 2 Shots 6 AP1 $15
-pistol ammo 100 5/50 $6
Double Barrel 12/24/48 1-3d6 RoF 1-2 wt 8, Shots 2, + 2 shooting rolls, $35
-Shotgun shells 22 wt 2/20 $4
Shotgun Thong C.5
Bottle $5
Rapier Str+d4 wt 3, Parry + 1 $10


Manus has been given a quest from below. He must seek out and destroy that which is poised to thwart humanity. He must protect mankind so they can propagate their sins forever onward. For if humans would cease to exist, who’s sins would the devil feed off of?

When the Maze opened Manus was picked from the flock. He alone heard the whispers and heard his prayers answered. Many dangers spread from the Maze and Manus was sent to wander and protect humans from the forces that emerged.

Having many years of combat training within his occult background he is ready with shotgun and rapier in hand. He knows that there must be good for evil to exist and to maintain stability the sinners must be saved.

Worst Nightmare
Being Crucified.

Manus Welspring

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