Geno Collins

Traveling Snake Oil Salesman


Name Geno Collins
Rank Novice
Experience 5 Raised Notice and Guts,

Wounds 1

Agility 1d4
Smarts 1d8
Spirit 1d6
Strength 1d4
Vigor 1d8

Derived Stats
Charisma -2
Grit +2
Pace 6"
Parry 2
Toughness 6

Vengeful (Major)
Quirk, Bad Salesman… (Minor)
Wanted (Minor)

Arcane Background (Magic)
True Grit (+1 Grit)
Whateley Blood

Power Points 10
Bolt 1/per bolt
Burst (2 cone shape)
Healing (3, heal 1 wound and raise for 2)

Skills 15
Boating (Agi)
Climbing (Str)
Driving (Agi)
Fighting (Agi)
Gambling (Smr) 2 1d6
Guts (Spi) 2 1d6 +2
Healing (Smr) 1 1d4
Intimidation (Spi)
Investigation (Smr)
Knowledge (Smr)
Lockpick (Agi)
Notice (Smr) 2 1d6
Persuasion (Spi) 1 1d4
Pilot (Agi)
Repair (Smr)
Riding (Agi)
Shooting (Agi) 2 1d6
Spellcasting (Smr) 7 1d12
Stealth (Agi)
Streetwise (Smr)
Survival (Smr)
Swimming (Agi)
Taunt (Smr)
Throwing (Agi)
Tracking (Smr)

Colt Peacemaker (.45) 12/24/48 2d6+1 RoF 1 $15 WT. 2 Shots 6 AP1
-pistol ammo 99 $6
Scattergun 6/12/24 1-3d6 1-2 $35 WT.5 Shots 2 +2 Shooting Rolls
-Shotgun shells 28 $4
Shotgun Thong C.5
Speed-load Cylinder x2 $6
Watch, gold $10
Bottle $5
Tobacco, chewing C.50
Playing Cards
Ghost Stone $100 1lb


Coming up with the facade of salesman wasn’t easy, and it certainly ain’t easy to maintain when some son of a bitch bashes my generally good scruples! So I’m off to track him down and kill him for spreading falsehoods of my reputable business.

Worst Nightmare
Being eaten alive by cockroaches.

Geno Collins

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