Crossing the Deadlands

Deadlands 4/21 Notes

The group is once again resting after a day of travel at night around a campfire….

Manus: Victory over the fell ghouls was sweet indeed.

Fought Dread Wolves while waiting for answers from The Prospector….now they will get them

Manus: Those bastard wolves drained me somethin’ fierce

Deadlands 4/14 Notes

Heading to Wagonsend to repair a broken wheel. Bart stayed back with The Prospector to guard the wagon. The party discovers that Wagonsend is a permanent circus set in the middle of nowhere.

Thornton Fessler is the head of Wagonsend everytime he has been challenged during a mayoral race, the opposition has mysteriously disappeared. Susie is speculated to be behind this allowing her husband to run unopposed.

Susie ”Meadowlark” Fessler, full blooded indian, wife of Thornton, possible witch and secretly in charge of Wagonsend

Ezra “Eagle Eye” Fessler, the town marshal, best sharp shooter in town, definitely under his step-sister’s spell

Bertha Drucker, town healer.

Morgan Devon, who’s real name is Mark Scott, an undercover U.S. Agent, who is working to take down the Fesslers under control of Susie Fessler, a possible witch.

During the party’s exposure to Wagonsend, enjoying a Sharpshooter competition, there was a shooting and Carnus the Great wrestling in a nearby competition died from a bullet.

They met another gun of the west, “John Smith” which helped in discovering the true killer of Carnus

With the clues they found with the help of Morgan Devon in his room at the White Elephant Inn, they were able to point the murder at David and Dexter Baltimore’s feet(s). Hehe.

Confronting the twins, David killed the both of them before Dexter(the good one) could spill the beans. Dexter did mention a “witch” during his babbleing.

(We got $350 from loot, Dave, Andy, Kevan, and Me. Doyle you got $2.)

Mark Scott is now an ally to the party, and gave pardons to Manus Wellspring and John Smith. The PC’s will do well in remembering Mark Scott and what he can do to help the party if needed.

“John Smith” is weary of staying with the group, especially after seeing some strange “phenomenon” around Manus, so time will tell what he decides to do.


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